Saturday, September 22, 2007

back from boracay

i saw a different boracay this weekend. our luck with getting cheap tickets and taking advantage of low season accommodations came with a price: it was stormy in boracay.

because of the strong winds, large screens made of wood and plastic were up along the shore, protecting the resorts, restaurants, and other establishments. waves were strong, skies were dark. this made donning a bikini quite inappropriate and somehow stupid.

yet i had a great time!

while boracay is known for its sand and the water, i still had fun even though i didn't get any beach time. i only got to dip my lower extremities before calling it quits due to the cold. there's so much more to this island than dips in the sea and baking on the beach.

the island has progressed so greatly. i was one of those who was against all the concrete buildings and modern shops. yet even with the line of clothing stores in d'mall, and all the modern, concrete resorts, boracay still hasn't lost its charm. it still offers a lot, probably even so much more, than your run-of-the-mill beach.

the strong winds didn't kill the action on the beach. while swimmers should be more cautious, kiteboarders were having the time of their lives, all taking advantage of the wind. i couldn't help but feel a pang of envy as one of the kiteboarders coasted above the water, the kite carrying him over the breaking waves.

the usual boracay beach activities were still being offered by more than a dozen men, all carrying their rate cards. on the other side of the island, you can still go parasailing, snorkeling, and island hopping. but susie and i decided not to go, because the weather was pretty unpredictable. besides, we were content with walking the long stretch, and exploring an establishment every now and then.

but i think, what makes boracay really exceptional is the food. there are just so many choices, especially now that d'mall has built more "wings." i had just been away for a year, and already, the choices have grown tenfold! i actually hated myself for just booking three days. so little time to devour all the food i wanted!

and as for my promised article on boracay expenses, i am glad to report that a trip to the island did not cost me much. i didn't reach five digits for this trip. :) so stay tuned for that one.

lookit how much fun we had by checking out my photos!
susie's photos are in this album.

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