Sunday, December 21, 2008

i found a decent hong kong budget hotel!

hong kong is one of my favoritest places in the world (granted, i haven't even been out of asia). the hold it has on me is kind of hard to explain, but something about this city makes me want to keep going back.

budget and time constraints kept me from going back this year, but after i found this lovely hong kong budget hotel, i will probably be flying off to chek lap kok soon!

while i was already able to stay at a decent budget hostel last time i was there, the boutique-budget guesthouses that i've been to in singapore, bangkok, and siem reap had me looking for a little more luxury and some style in my hong kong accommodation sans the astronomical price. hong kong's transportation and sights are truly a tourist's paradise; however, its hotels and accommodation options are not.

for one thing, hong kong hotels are VERY expensive, and the rates don't even include breakfast (thank goodness for cafe de coral!). space is also not a luxury that you will likely get in most hong kong accommodation. with the limited space in this city, you'd be lucky to have enough space to swing your foot from the bed to the floor.

i am completely resigned to the space problem, but the budget problem is always something i know i can do something about, and i couldn't help but feel elated when i finally found the bridal tea house hotel.

this is the single room in the bridal tea house hotel. it looks small, yes, but like i said, i'm not after space here, i'm after the cleanliness, style, and attention to detail.

believe me, after scouring through numerous photos of hong kong hostels with ratty sheets and dirty floors, this room definitely looks like a room in a luxury hotel!

i love the nice curtains, the simple white sheets, and the rose on the towel provided.

here are more photos of their rooms:
another single room

the double room

and aside from that, all bridal tea house hotel branches are well-located. next time i'm in hong kong, i'll probably stay in the one in western district, which is close to the tram on des voeux road on hong kong island.

i still have to verify if their "single" room is indeed the one with two single beds.

i believe that all rooms have private bathrooms, and as you can see, towels are provides, and they also have daily room cleaning service. rooms are also furnished with a hair dryer, refrigerator, and closet (how they fit that in the room is yet to be seen). broadband internet connection is also available (i hope it's free), and all guests are entitled to free local calls.

the bridal tea house also has its own restaurant aside from the rooftop bbq restaurant. i really think this is a pretty sweet deal, and i hope that when i do book a room there when i visit hong kong, i won't be disappointed.

travel information:
the bridal tea house hotel
kowloon island branches: sham shui po, tai kok tsui, yau ma tei, to kwa wan, hung hom,
hong kong island branches: western district, apleichau, aberdeen
rates: single rooms for HKD 380 per night, double rooms for HKD 480 per night
email address:
phone number: (852) 2780 6113

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