Monday, April 13, 2009

neurosis starts... NOW

so i'm just a few days away from the great spain trip, and the list of things to worry about is starting to pile up, even when i've prepared for this well in advance.

last night, i decided to reposition and repack my whole suitcase, even though everything looked fine in it already. and you know why they say, "if it's not broke, don't fix it?" because when you try to fix something that ain't broken, you're going to go and make a once-roomy maleta all cramped and crowded with the very same things you packed the first time.

you know that packing rule that says something like, "lay out all the things you want to bring on your trip. then take half the clothes and twice the money?" well, i've never really believed in that. for one, i can't just multiply my money like that, and two, even when i overpack, i don't take up that much space in any of my suitcases. i don't know how i do it, but i was born with the power to squeeze things in a tiny space without going over the baggage allowance.

but i thought i was going to have to concede to that rule this time. i thought about it the whole day. i kept wondering if i brought too much stuff. well, i know i did, i mean, i had to bring different types of clothes, because i'll be there when spring turns to summer. just the same, though, i rechecked the contents of my suitcase again tonight and weeded out four items. it took me such a long time to finally decide that i won't die if i leave them behind.

of course, nothing is set in stone until i check my suitcase in at the airport. who knows what kind of neurotic issues i'll come up with during the four days i have left? stay tuned, and be entertained.

image taken from ottawa at home.

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