Thursday, October 1, 2009

typhoon ondoy: how you can help

my family and i are fortunate that we got through typhoon ondoy unscathed. sure, water reached our house, and slightly damaged our car, but it's nothing compared to what others are going through at the moment. and i'm thankful for coming out of this tragedy unscathed, and to show my gratitude, i'm doing whatever i can to help.

so far, i've rummaged through my closet for clothes i want to donate, urged my sisters to do the same, and we've dropped them off at designated relief centers near us. to me, it doesn't matter where you choose to give them, as long as it's a group that means to help, then i'm good with that.

i also did some grocery shopping for instant noodles and drinks to help feed the growing number of victims. i dipped into my travel funds to add to my donations. at the moment, traveling is but a mere luxury, completely irrelevant during these trying times.

but i still feel like i haven't done enough. i'm starting to feel a little helpless. there are still so many people who need to be rescued, who need to be fed and clothed, and if you want to help out, too, here are different ways you can reach out:

help for missionaries of charity tondo
they need food, water, and baby food and milk for the children.
you can get in touch with rea at 0917 850 5766 or landline 215 6976.

myayala ondoy online donation facility

this is a very convenient way of donating money for the victims of ondoy.
no need to get out of the house, or go to the grocery.

database of drop-off centers for donations
if you have clothes, food, and other relief goods to donate, find out where the nearest drop-off points are.

help for typhoon ondoy victims
a google page of consolidated information, from rescue hotlines, to bank donations, to volunteer centers.


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