Tuesday, January 26, 2010

i'm back from boracay!

hallo thar! :)

i'm back from boracay all heavy and fat from all the food i ate. i got sick on my wedding day (i lost my voice! it was such a challenge entertaining guests using charades techniques), and i couldn't drink alcohol on my pseudo-honeymoon.

regardless, boracay did not disappoint. while i felt sad when we docked and saw the many buildings occupying the island, i was still able to have some seaside fun. :) we did the old-fashioned island hopping trip with some snorkeling and seafood lunch, but most of the time, we were just by the beach, lounging, taking some sun, drinking (alcohol-them, fruit shakes-me), and eating (prawns, prawns, prawns).

will post photos soon (i forgot the card reader at home!). boracay still rocks!

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joei said...

yes, that place still rocks! hehe. still have to finish my blog entry about our trip there as well. wonder if we can still have our boracay reunion ;)

congratulations to you and sus again!