Tuesday, April 20, 2010

action-packed weekend in bicol

i just came from a weekend in bicol, where i ziplined at lignon hill and went swimming with whale sharks in donsol. until now, i find it hard to digest that i was able to do all that in one weekend.

i'm still waiting for the photos of the butanding interaction from the underwater camera to be processed, but in the meantime, i'll leave you with this video of me ziplining at lignon hill in bicol:

i kinda look like a ghost floating over the trees, no? :p


Rconita said...

wow! pretty exciting! did you take pics of the whale sharks?

i gotta go! said...

i had the diving guide take photos, since it was already a struggle for me to swim with the whale sharks. :) will post the pics here as soon as they're processed. :)

Jax Perez said...

Hi! I'm planning to go to Donsol too. Can you please provide some details of your trip like places to stay, transpo, how to get there, expenses (most important!) :) plus other helpful stuff you can think of. Thanks!

i gotta go! said...

hi jax!

since there were 15 of us, we all just decided to rent a jeepney to shuttle us to wherever we want to go.

but i did some research, and from legazpi, you can take a van to donsol from the legazpi bus terminal. :)

butanding interaction costs P3,500 per boat, good for 6 people, and already includes diving guides, and you need to pay P100 for the registration. snorkels, masks, and fins cost P350 to rent.

as for resorts, we stayed at a friend's house in sto. domingo, so i can't really tell which resort is good. you can check out http://www.donsolresorts.com/ for more info. :)

hope that helps. :D

Sexy Nomad said...

Oh how awesome!

And yes, you did look like a ghost hovering over the trees. Hahaha!

We should do this again! So fun! :-)

Koryn said...

para ka talagang nag-skydive with the white windblown white pants and all! ;)

i gotta go! said...

sexy nomad: yes, it looks like all of us travel well together! :)

koryn: haha! balak kong ituloy na ang pagsa-sky dive talaga! :p san ang next adventure natin?

Jax Perez said...

Thanks for the tips, they are well appreciated and very helpful as always. I've been following your blog for the last 2 years or so and it has helped me a lot in going to places I wanted to go to. Thanks again and keep it coming. There are lots of people out there who read your site before going somewhere.
btw, i saw your pic on philstar... wow! sikat ka na! pwede ka na tumakbo for party-list representative :)

i gotta go! said...

hi jax! :) glad to know i can be of help. thanks so much for following my blog. :D i'll be updating this to let you in on my latest adventures. :)

and about the philstar article, haha! :) saka na muna ako tatakbo, magpapasikat pa 'ko lalo. HAHAHA! :p