Thursday, May 13, 2010

staying put

i haven't had any chance to go out lately, that's why there's been silence in this blog.

according to my latest escapade, my last trip out was to the manila seedling back. i would like to report that the parsley i bought from there is alive and well, while the basil is being nursed back to health. since then, i have bought a new basil seedling from SM, and that one seems to be doing better.

i have also been editing the remaining photos of last year's trip to spain, and i'm hoping that i can finally finish uploading them. i can't believe it's been a year.

i do plan to have another daytrip soon, as well as a couple of weekend getaways. how about you? where are you off to?


Lulubelle said...

how does one take care of a basil plant? i bought one and am wondering if i could keep it as a plant instead of plucking off all the leaves for pasta and pizza dishes.

i gotta go! said...

hmm... at the moment i just water once a day and make sure they get a lot of light.

you can "harvest" the larger leaves once a week and keep the small ones. i read that the more you prune/harvest, the more leaves will grow. :) to keep the leaves, i just tear, put them in ice trays, put water, and freeze. :)

Lulubelle said...

uy, salamat! :) project ko ngayon ang mga halaman sa bahay. :D