Tuesday, October 19, 2010

our best meal so far

susie and i are now in santander, in northern spain. we arrived by train this afternoon and spent a good part of the day walking by the sardinero, one of the popular beaches here.

lunchtime had passed us by, and we were desperate to sit down and have a bite. most establishments in santander close after lunch and don't open until 5 or 6, so it was tough finding a place to eat in.

we chanced upon dias desur, and soon found that it was a blessing. the waiter was cheerful and pleasant, and the food fantastic.

sus and i each had a plate of this, their fish of the day. it's lubina cooked on a grill, served with vegetables and fried potatoes. maravilloso.

it was not a cheap meal at 12,50 euros, but it came with a primer plato, a drink, and dessert. you'd be hard-pressed to find such a deal in other european cities (save for cities in spain).


KC Ramirez said...

oooh! a nice fish dish after a walk on the beach... sarap! Surf n' Turf at its best?

Aritul said...

Man I loved Spain.

i gotta go! said...

hey aritul! when was the last time you were there?

Aritul said...

I was there June 2010. Good times. = )

i gotta go! said...

just a month before they won the world cup! :)

how was the weather then?

Aritul said...

Yup! I wish I had been able to stay a bit longer. The weather was fantastic. I remember it not getting fully dark till around 10-11 pm. Are you planning on visiting again anytime soon?

i gotta go! said...

i remember telling a friend that we can still meet up because it was still early, and it turns out, it was already 9pm! :p

if budget permits, i'd like to go again this year. :)

Aritul said...

Haha = )

Well I hope you do. Santander was lovely. If you haven't been, you should go to Soria. It's not as well know as Santander, Madrid, or Barcelona, but it definitely has its charm.

Nice website by the way. I think it will be helpful for me since I'm still in struggling student mode.

i gotta go! said...

oh, thanks for the tip! :) will definitely keep that in mind.

and thank you for coming by and supporting the blog. i really hope i can create more relevant content. :) keep checking for new posts!