Sunday, February 6, 2011

sunday in shang mactan

as i write, my tummy is taking a nap after a buffet beating at tides. i'm hoping it'll wake up just in time for rounds 3 and 4. maybe 5? photo on the left is of my third plate.

we landed at 9 this morning, and got on the free shangri-la mactan shuttle from the airport straight to the hotel. we got our day passes at senses, and hit the beach.

day passes have gotten more expensive since the last time i went here. they're now PHP 2,500 net per person each (up from PHP 2,000), and includes access to the pools and beaches, and buffet lunch at tides. they provide towels for you as well.

sadly, there are a lot of people here right now, so we couldn't find a prime spot on the beach with enough shade. which is fine by me, i need a tan anyway.

after this, we'll be enjoying more time at the beach, then we.go to the city for some zubuchon. :)

*sigh* it's gonna be a bitch going to work tomorrow. :p


♥ joei said...

I know you probably don't 'celebrate' but Happy Valentines Day! ;)

Definitely, Maybe

Ang Kaladkarin said...

Kwinento ko sa cousin ako ang mga "for the day" trips nyo via plane and she has been inspired! Haha So sa next Zero fare sale, nagbabalak na tuloy sya! =)

djong said...

joei: thanks! i just read your comment now. wasn't sent to my email, weird. hope you and t had a great valentine's!

rica: haha! sama ka na rin! those trips can be tiring, but are always a lot of fun! :)

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