Wednesday, January 18, 2012

this is looking to be a travel-heavy year

...and yay for that! :)

it's not like i haven't traveled much the past year, but the way trips are getting booked so early, it's looking like i'll be on the road a lot. this excites me. a lot.

next month, i'm off to taipei for the first time, with a friend who's just as much of a vagabond as i am. it's going to be our first trip together, and we thought discovering a new destination together would be exciting. we're getting all riled up just reading about taiwan's capital, and it doesn't help that the city offers plenty of shopping. my wallet is going to take a beating, that's for sure.

and since i promised to hit the beach more this year, i have two beach trips lined up already: guimaras for holy week and bohol for labor day weekend. i miss being by the sea, i used to go every month. i really hope there will be more beach trips in the months to come.

the big trip planned for the year is for the US, with the mister. it's going to be my first time there, too, and i'm hoping i can snag tickets for the comic-con in san diego to see the cast of community (i'm a huge fan, to say the least). of course, since i'm already there, i plan to stay for a month and drop by los angeles and san francisco as well. then over to the east coast for chicago and new york. crossing my fingers that things go according to plan and that fares drop soon.

how about you? where are you going this year? :)

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Koryn said...

Weeee! Can't wait for Taipei! Two weeks to go! :)

I always say--traveling is one expense you never regret haha.