Thursday, January 3, 2008

i gotta go! welcomes 2008!

i hope everyone had a great new year's celebration! i've always been excited about the turn of the year, and 2008 is no exception. aside from my personal new year's resolutions, i vow to improve the frequency of posts and the quality of features here on i gotta go! i'm still trying to streamline the style i want, and the content i'd like to share with you guys, so if you have any suggestions on how i gotta go! can be so much better, i'll be more than happy to hear (or read) it.

even though i told myself i'd minimize the mini trips this year (because mini costs can rack up so much expenses!), i think i'm already breaking my own resolution, and it's already the 3rd day of the year!

here's what you can expect from i gotta go! in terms of travel:
1. batanes information and photos, because i'll be going there a few days after my birthday (which is in february);
2. puerto princesa adventures, because susie and i just got tickets at the ongoing piso fares promo of cebu pacific;
3. a lot of manila features, because these manila romps will tide me over while i abstain from costly traveling.

of course, i'll be writing about the adventures that i'll come across along the way. i'm hoping that i gotta go! picks up this year, and i'm hoping to be able to give you guys more information that you need.

so, let's all start the year right!


Anonymous said...

oooh, when are you going to puerto princesa?

be sure to drop by kamarikutan kape at galeri for a dose of authentic palawan culture. and for some unique souvenirs, head over to Asiano. the stuff on sale are pretty pricey but are worth every peso. the owner, Jojo, comes from a family of artists, and their love for art clearly shows in their chosen craft.

hmmm, where else? definitely underground river. the sabang beach is also breathtaking (though it doesn't compare with the beaches of northern palawan).

where are you guys staying? hotel fleuris? okay rin sa skylight apartelle. comfy and at a reasonable price.

have fun. -mel

djong said...

hey mel!

thanks for dropping by and for giving us puerto princesa tips!

hope to see you here again soon!

mai said...


Hi! Mai from Tuldok :)

How much tix to Puerto Princessa? and How long did you stay there? Hehehe.. sorry, planning a 3 day trip for a class ΓΌ

djong said...

hey mai!

our tickets cost P5,000 for two. :) we haven't gone yet, we leave on march 8. :D

don't know how much tickets cost now, though.

mai said...

Wow!.. :( I think it's already 5k something per person now. We're supposed to leave same date as yours. Sayaaaaaaang! Kung nagkataon, kitakits sana o! haha :)

Ah weeeeeeell, maybe next time. Enjooooy yer trip!! Post pictures para feel ko andun din ako kahit wala :D hehehe.