Thursday, January 24, 2008

official philippine holidays for 2008

here's something we travelers are always happy to read about. thanks to republic act 9492, we can now enjoy more long weekends than usual, because holidays that fall on weekdays will be observed on the nearest monday.

taken from this page, here's a partial list of holidays for 2008, so we can start planning our trips and take advantage of promo fares:

february 25, monday, edsa revolution day (though some are saying this might not be declared)
march 20 to 23, thursday to sunday, holy week
april 7, monday, araw ng kagitingan (in lieu of april 9)
may 5, monday, labor day (in lieu of may 1)
june 16, monday, independence day (in lieu of june 12)
august 25, monday, ninoy aquino day (in lieu of august 21)
december 1, monday, bonifacio day (in lieu of november 30. sana wala nang coup attempts this time)
december 24, wednesday, christmas eve (and official last-minute shopping holiday daw)
december 25, thursday, christmas day
december 29, monday, rizal day (in lieu of december 30)
december 31, wednesday, new year's eve (and last day of the year holiday daw)

the official date of eid'l fitr, or the end of ramadan, was still not posted, but my googlefu says ramadan begins september 2 (usually not an official holiday here) and ends on october 2 (a holiday), which is a thursday. let's wait and see what happens.

although i'm happy with the number of long weekends, i feel a little strange about observing holidays on dates that i'm not used to, such as june 16 instead of june 12 for independence day. i'm just going to have to get used to it, i guess. :D


kegler747 said...

Thanks for posting this, ayan magpaplano nako ng mga lakad dahil maraming long weekend :)

Anonymous said...

my pasok po ba sa LIPA, City sa September 12, Friday?

Anonymous said...

Some sites searched via Google says that Dec 26 and 29 are holidays as well. =)