Tuesday, July 8, 2008

going back to singapore

it's been dead quiet around here for a while, mainly because i haven't done any traveling as part of my money-saving technique for my big trip.

but thank goodness, i have something else to write about now. to celebrate our second anniversary, susie and i will be flying off to singapore next week.

it's going to be our first trip out of the country together, and i'm hoping i don't manifest some strange behavior while we're out of the philippines. i know that i become a different person when i'm taken out of manila, i just don't know if that person is good or bad. let's see if susie can live with it. ;)

i'm also quite excited, because this is the first time i'm traveling without any itinerary. because the past few months have been so busy (which is another reason why this blog has been updated 0 times), we thought it would be great if we could just go there and do anything we please when we please. it's the kind of traveling that i haven't done before, because i can be a control freak.

but of course, i'm hoping i could see the red dot design museum this time around. and get to shop a little because it's the great singapore sale there now! and we'll also be catching the singapore food festival!

so check back soon to read all about my singapore adventure!


kegler747 said...

When exactly will you be in Singapore? I will also be there next weekend via KL.

Datch said...

hello! i was just blog hopping and found your site. i got hooked! you have pretty interesting entries. friends? :)