Saturday, July 19, 2008

smooth sailing with philippine airlines

our philippine airlines flight to singapore last friday went along smoothly.

save for some turbulence which disrupted the meal service, the flight was notably efficient.

we boarded on time, and since the plane was small and the flight wasn't full, all the passengers were settled and seated in less than 30 minutes.

no matter what other people say about airplane food, philippine airlines food was good! we had fish with rice, a side salad, and coffee jelly cake for dessert. i have actually never had a bad meal on board a PAL flight.

and the best part? we took off about 5 minutes earlier and arrived in singapore 25 minutes ahead than scheduled.

amazing how the tables have turned now, huh? when before, travelers avoided philippine airlines like the plague because of their delays, now they have actually turned their service around. and the airline with 95% flights on time is now causing nightmares to the travelers who gave their promos a chance.


Datch said...

wow! 5 mins earlier?! very good service indeed! so you're in singapore as of writing your entry? do tell more about your trip when you get back to ph. have a nice vacation. ;-)

i gotta go! said...

hey datch! yep, i was in singapore already when i wrote that. i'll write about the rest of the trip as soon as i get to upload the pics. :D