Tuesday, September 2, 2008

making up for lost time

i know, i've been gone for a while (come on, did anyone really notice? :p). i've been swamped (i love this word) with work and other stuff, that my mind didn't have the energy nor the creative juices to produce a readable entry.

but i think i'm up to it now.

i haven't been out of manila since singapore (except for a day trip to tagaytay), and it's been killing me. for four straight years, i'd made sure to schedule at least one weekend away from this city, and now that i've been keeping myself reigned in, stress gets to me much more easily. i miss road trips, and getting lost, and seeing a new place, and grumbling because i have to go back home.

but as i keep saying, "keep the eye on the prize." if i do things right this year, this blog will be teeming with delicious entries as i set foot in a completely different continent.

of course, there is the bangkok-siem reap trip coming up this november. i'm planning on taking my eee and blogging during the trip, to keep the info fresh. :D

so, anyway, some photos from the tagaytay trip. an impromptu one at that, since kristine surprised our high school gang by flying back home from australia:

yummy bbq platter
hawaiian bbq, the boutique

disturbing the peace
the boutique, tagaytay

apple pie a la mode
bag of beans

riding sabrina

oh, and last august 16, i also joined a free teamaking class sponsored by the filipinas heritage library, ayala malls, and asian finds:

tiny teacups and a pot
home zone, glorietta

i got to learn about the proper way of preparing and serving tea. while it probably won't factor into my future plans, it's nice to know a new skill every now and then.

and finally, i've also been catching the comedy cartel with mike unson and tim tayag. they have regular shows at spicy fingers every other monday, and i even got to catch their open mic night at kape isla in serendra. take a look at this:

mike unson at kape isla

you can catch mike and the rest of the gang at spicy fingers in greenbelt 2 on september 15 (and every other monday after that, until december). entrance is P150 (non-consumable), and you get to hear at least 10 stand-up comedians! sulit na sulit!

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Datch said...

yay! sa wakas, may updates ule. you're going to bangkok on nov? wow, exciting! keep me posted. ;-)