Tuesday, September 9, 2008

take a tour of the national museum

i can't wait to take this tour of the national museum!

history has never been my favorite subject as a kid, but now that i'm getting more and more involved in travel, i'm kind of regretting that i didn't pay attention to those classroom lectures back then. so whenever i go to museums, i try to go with someone who knows his stuff, so i wouldn't just waste a day by gawking at the exhibits. i'd like to learn a little something, and to learn the significance of the things on display.

john l. silva, senior consultant of the national museum, is offering a tour of the museum of the filipino people, now housed in the former finance building. i got to see this museum earlier this year, and while i enjoyed the things i saw, i'm sure it'll be a hundred times better when everything there is explained to you by someone who knows his stuff.

i initially thought the tour fee was on the expensive side, but i think it's worth it for what you're getting. and according to mr. silva:

"A portion of the fees (700 pesos for adults, and 500 pesos for children up to 18 years) goes to John's I LOVE MUSEUM PROGRAM, bringing public school teachers to the National Museum to appreciate the arts and later bring their students. Studies show that an arts educated child raises their academic achievements, promotes love of reading, and become better citizens."
so set aside a few bucks and make your way to agrifina circle. let's learn us some philippine history!

tour dates are as follows:
september: 13 & 14, 17, 20, 24, and 27
october: 1, 4 & 5, 8, 25 & 26, 29

meeting point:
rear entrance of the museum of the filipino people
agrifina circle, rizal park

P500 for children
P700 for adults

for reservations, please contact +639267299029

see you all at the national museum tour! :)

you can find out more about john silva on john's thoughts and deeds.

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