Tuesday, March 3, 2009

late updates

it's taking me such a long time to update this blog (and my other blogs, at that), the sloth in me has been on overdrive. grah.

i've yet to write about the rest of the bangkok adventure. there's a patpong entry in there somewhere that i really want to share, and the take a nap review is taking a long time to take shape! other entries to write: the ocean adventure visit and 13 hours in baguio. plus some ukay tips.

argh. i'll get to it, i'll get to it.

any solutions to tamaditis, anyone?


gino said...

kisspirin, yakapsul, chaka biogesex.


tish said...

how about a motivation/reward program? that's another possible blog post as well. kind of like your post about saving up the moolah for big trips. :)

Zane said...

haven't ukayed in baguio in 6 years! i'm sure things have changed. can't wait for your ukay tips!

Anonymous said...

how about just writing an entry about GETTING YOUR SCHENGEN VISA????

i gotta go! said...

ayan na o!