Thursday, March 12, 2009


11 march 2009, 2:11pm. somewhere in makati. a phone rings.

it was the call i've been waiting for the whole week. i had sensed i would receive word about it this week, but now that it's here, i don't know if i want to know how it turned out.

the travel agent tells me the passport has been delivered to them, and that i can pick it up anytime, as long as it's not past 6pm. i thank her, tell her i'll try to make it within the day, and hang up, even though my brain was screaming, "ask her if it was approved! dammit!"

now i finally get to find out, but even with all my nega conditioning, of getting myself ready for bad news, i knew i wouldn't be able to handle it. i decided to finally face the truth ahora mismo, and i was so glad that sarah was kind enough to walk with me to the agency and calm me down. even under the piercing summer sun, my hands were freezing cold.

we walk into the travel agency, waited a few more agonizing minutes while the agent finished up her calls. i actually liked that part, knowing i was just a few seconds from finding out whether all of my efforts from last year were in vain. the agent finally hangs up the phone, calls me over, and smiles at me as she handed the passport.

"okay naman?" i manage to squeak out.

"yes, ma'am!" as she shows me this:

nice photo, eh? parang ang bait ko.

i try to hide my glee and relief by feigning a sorta-happy clap, para hindi obvious na kinakabahan ako.

sarah snaps a photo of me showing off the passport, and we were off. the voices in my head were screaming: i can finally start packing! i'm going to europe in a month! it's going to be my first long-haul flight! i need new pants! i hope the exchange rate ain't so bad!

now i can say it: I'M GOING TO SPAIN, BABY!


tish said...

yihee! congrats!

carlo said...

missing your blog!!! blogger's bloc i guess. good luck with ur trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi! :) may i know which airline you're going to take going to spain and how much it would cost? thankyou :) I'd love to go to spain too! :)

i gotta go! said...

ei! i'm taking KLM, and the fare plays around the 65k to 70k range. it really depends when you're traveling. :)