Friday, August 7, 2009

ukay shopping in the city

since i'm due for an ukay trip tomorrow, i thought i'd share some of my and my friends' ukay haunts. ukay shopping is a great way to upgrade a wardrobe--it's cheap, and you're almost always certain of getting a funky find!

one of my favorite ukay areas is anonas. when you get off the LRT2 station, there is one ukay store that offers a LOT of clothes, bags, and shoes. that's actually where i scored my lovely shoes (pictured above) for just P280.

but when you go all the way down from the station, just turn right and look out for a mall-like opening right past the beverage and food stands. that's the entrance to anonas's supersonic ukay mall--a five-level giant filled with ukay stores left and right. i've found a myriad of items in this single ukay "mall" alone--cargo pants for P170, girly tops for P50, pants for P120, and some toys and collectibles, too. i also got a pleather bag here for P450. it was expensive, but the bag is still making me happy, and it has no visible wear and tear.

cubao is also teeming with ukay stores, among them the one beside national bookstore. this store seems to be a hit with ukay veterans, and the last time i was there, i got myself a bag, and a few tops for less than P500.

when i feel like "ukay splurging," i take the LRT1 to bambang and check out their high-end ukay stuff. the first time i went there, i was amazed at the designer labels they carried--these people really know how to pick out their haul! the stores were teeming with LV, gucci, coach, lancel, fendi, and other labels. this was where i got my leather calvin klein drawstring bag for P550. i love that bag so much, because it goes with everything, and it's very, very durable. i brought it to hong kong and spain, and i use it almost everyday, but it hasn't shown signs of wear and tear, even after all the rainy days we've gone through.

when i don't have the energy to go all the way to these ukay haunts, i content myself with the nearby ukay at buendia, at the ground floor of the grepalife building. it's past pasong tamo street along buendia, and right beside BPI family savings bank. the haul i get from here is a mixed lot, and they're on the expensive side.

makati cinema square also has about three ukay stores, one of them is right in front, facing pasong tamo. i've found some nice bags here, but they're pretty overpriced. this store also has a lots of boots, so if you're looking for a nice pair, you just might get 'em here.

mitch, a friend of mine, who also got addicted to ukay( because of me), says she's pretty happy with the ukay store along edsa, near crossing, beside dunkin' donuts. she's also checked out the ukay in kamuning, and the one in ortigas. the latter, however, did not meet her expectations.

and that's where i'll be going with my friend koryn tomorrow--to check the ukays in shaw and ortigas. mitch and i are also thinking of raiding this ukay place called raberly, which is found across trinoma, and is accessible via the monumento stop of the MRT.

for those who don't have the patience to go through stacks of clothes, there are actually some people who do the ukay shopping for you. i've found some sites that sell vintage finds, but of course, at more expensive prices (but still cheaper than the stuff you find at malls). you can check out the following sites:

in the fish bowl
the only ukay queen
viva vintage

so it doesn't matter if you're willing to go out of your way or not, there's an ukay shopping strategy for every fashionista. :)


Ang Kaladkarin said...

hassle...another made mo look moment hahaha =)

my cousins and i use to ukay along edsa near the taft MRT. =) but its been ages....ok dati yung sa tabi ng POEA in front of galle. i remember getting a lot of good pieces there. i have yet to try the shaw, kamuning, anonas ukays you've been to.

wala paring tatalo sa tagaytay though. i've had more scores there than in baguio. ang gusto ko lang pag ukay, dapat addict maghanap ang mga kasama ko. naexperience ko nang hindi. 40 mins finished na sila and im like...huh?? i just have 1! hahaha

i gotta go! said...

isama mo ko the next time you ukay sa tagaytay!

trinasam said...


Your blog is refreshing, btw. :)