Monday, August 17, 2009

where can you go with your philippine passport?

expensive visa application fees and visa denial nightmares have been part and parcel of the travel tales of those of us who hold a philippine passport.

but a little trawling online showed me a list of countries where we philippine passport-holders can travel visa-free (some places issue the visa upon arrival, though).

at the moment, your philippine passport can take you to:

  • burundi
  • cape verde
  • comoros
  • djibouti
  • egypt (south sinai only)
  • gambia
  • kenya
  • madagascar
  • morocco
  • mozambique
  • saint helena
  • seychelles
  • tanzania
  • togo
  • uganda
  • zambia
  • brunei darussalam
  • cambodia
  • indonesia
  • laos
  • malaysia
  • singapore
  • thailand
  • vietnam
  • armenia
  • azerbaijan
  • bangladesh
  • georgia
  • hong kong
  • iran
  • israel
  • south korea (jeju island only)
  • macau
  • maldives
  • mongolia
  • nepal
  • sri lanka
  • timor-leste
  • kosovo
  • cook islands
  • fiji
  • marshall islands
  • federated states of micronesia
  • niue
  • palau
  • samoa
  • tuvalu
  • vanuatu
north america
  • bermuda
  • costa rica
  • dominica
  • haiti
  • nicaragua
  • saint kitts and nevis
  • saint lucia
  • saint vincent and the grenadines
  • turks and caicos islands
south america
  • bolivia
  • brazil
  • colombia
  • ecuador
  • peru
  • suriname
quite a long list, isn't it? :) (let's just not compare it with the list of other countries) i was pleasantly surprised myself, especially after seeing fiji and brazil in there.

gotta get a move in renewing my passport then! :D


may said...

Sure can i go to Turks and Caicos Island without a visa? All i need to have is my Philippine passport and my tickets? Please help me..Thanks!

Mark Benson said...

Your Philippines passport can take you to many destinations around the world as stated by the post. If you intend to explore Africa then go for cheap flights to Entebbe, Uganda or Seychelles would be a stunner but would dent your pocket a bit. You sure can enter a plenty of out standing destinations with your passport.