Wednesday, March 10, 2010

competitours: travel, complete, win big!

have you always dreamed of joining and winning the amazing race? now, you can live out your fantasy of racing through your dream destinations with competitours!

competitours pits you against 16 other teams as you breeze through four european countries in a span of nine days. during the day, you will have a choice between 8-10 challenges, which will earn you points upon completion. at night, you get to interact and party with your "tour mates."

unlike amazing race, though, there are no eliminations in this race, and you even get a chance to research. assignments are received every night in the form of a virtual mission packet, where you get to choose 2-5 challenges out of the 8-10 given. the packet indicates whether your challenge is in the city center or the outskirts, so you get to customize the tour to your own liking.

what's the prize? this being a contest, there IS a prize, of course, and it's pretty sweet. first placers win USD 5,500, second prize is USD 2,500, and third prize is USD 1,000. the competitours dynamic way of scoring levels the playing field and makes the competition even more exciting: you never know who will win until the very last day.

for this much excitement, there IS a price to pay: the tour costs USD 2,675 per person, to be paid after finishing the tour. a USD 100 deposit is required to join the nine-day tour. the fee includes roundtrip airfare, lodging for seven nights, intercity transport (eurail tickets), two days of admissions for group challenge sessions, welcome and awarding parties, up to 70 challenges, and of course, the chance to win USD 5,500.

it won't cover the fee you'll pay for the whole tour, but i'm sure the experience will be worth it. if i had the moolah, i totally would. :)

tour information
price: USD 2,675 per person
duration: 9 days
destination: 4 european countries (you won't know where until you get there)
email address:


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gusto ko sumali dito!!!

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I want!!!