Wednesday, March 17, 2010

where to go, where to go?

last saturday, i boarded the pasig ferry once again to escolta, and we thought we'd take binondo by storm, but unfortunately, we were no match for what chinatown has to offer. will post about this soon, i just keep forgetting to upload my photos.

now, i'm trying to think up of my summer getaway. i'm thinking either zambales or punta fuego before the holy week, just so i can soak up some sun.


lately, it's been harder for me to decide on where to go. it's either too expensive or i'm just not interested. i haven't felt like this before, and it's annoying the hell out of me. i have a list of places to visit, but when i look at it lately, i just don't feel excited. wonder what's going on?

i think there are just too many things going on inside my head. i need a vacation.




joei said...

same here!

dompy said...

Pagudpud!!! :D