Tuesday, March 20, 2007


this is definitely one of my favorite restaurants, mainly because, of the dozen times i've gone there, i've never been disappointed with their food.

the place is also not bad to look at. the seats are pretty comfy, the design is acceptable. nothing fantastic, but it's nice and clean. nothing too outrageous that it distracts you from your meal.

my favorite cascada treat is definitely their seared tuna sashimi (photo). the edges (or the borders) of the tuna squares almost taste like beef, and the soft, pink centers are all tuna. it's a mix that i happen to crave for on specific days. i love it that the soy sauce and wasabi are already sprinkled artistically on the plate. it makes for a great presentation, plus you don't have to dunk your precious sashimi cube into a separate container.

when my wallet's feeling a little thin, i just order their steak and egg meal. for just P180, you get a cup of garlic rice, a fried egg, and garlicky beef strips. it's a breakfast meal that you can have anytime of day!

their menu is full of choices; there's definitely something you will like. they have a soup sampler (three different types of soup) if you're not feeling too hungry. order one of their skewers (tuna, chicken, prawn) if you'd like something grilled. pasta, steak, rice meals, pinoy cooking--everything's there. the problem is actually narrowing your choices down.

the service is also pretty good. the waiters are courteous and attentive. i like it that they serve the dishes one at a time, and in the correct order. this makes sure the table is never filled with plates. the only downside is, they take quite a while when you request for the bill. it's like they don't want you to leave.

in the days to come, i hope to discover how their desserts are. usually, when i eat here, i stuff my face with their appetizers and entrees, that i never have room for dessert. but since it's just a short jeep ride away, i'm sure i'll get the chance to finally have a taste of their sweet goodies.

contact information:
level 2, greenbelt 3, ayala center, makati
tel. no.: 7574369

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Jesus Eugenio C. Pernas said...

And don't forget those little green leafy labels on the menu that indicate they can convert some meals to a South Beach Diet if you wish to. But, i'm on no South Beach Diet... No, not me.