Wednesday, March 14, 2007


to say that filipinos love music is a gross understatement. from the day we can talk, we were taught to sing and dance in front of visitors. growing up, music is a very big part of our lives--there's always a song that defines certain points and milestones in our lives; every situation has a soundtrack.

that's why the filipino music scene is always alive, always changing. pop, rock, jazz, blues, hiphop, reggae, electronica--you name it, there's a group that does it. and does it well.

in saguijo, that's where you can find these groups. from tuesday to saturday, there's something going on, people swarm to the place to listen to their favorite bands, or to just mingle with other like-minded folk.

here, everybody's on common ground. you're all there for the music, but you end up getting more. you get to down a few bottles while talking to your favorite band's vocalist. you get to bounce up and down to great tunes with someone you just met a few minutes earlier. you forge friendships with faces you never thought you'd get along with. you engage in an hour-long conversation about your favorite band and the music that moves you. you meet up with friends and talk about nothing and laugh over bottles of cold beer.

all this happens in just a small space, as saguijo was just an apartment. it's actually located in a residential area, but thankfully, the residents don't complain about the rockin'. but the place is always filled, and somehow, you always find a place to appreciate the sound.

nights to take note of (at least, these are my recommendations) are jazz nights, which usually take place every first thursday of the month and sweetspot nights every first friday.

if you're in the mood for some contemporary art, you have a place in there, too! just walk in, walk past the bandstand, and go up the stairs. enter the door facing the staircase, and voila! you're in the theo gallery, where a lot of up-and-coming artists have their exhibits.

baul, the room beside theo gallery, is a quaint li'l shop with vintage clothing and accessories. you can also purchase a shirt with your favorite band's name emblazoned on it. just keep browsing, you might find something that catches your fancy.

music, art, and shopping, all under one roof. can you really ask for anything more?

(thanks to 'sus pernas for the photos.)

contact details:
cafe saguijo
7612 guijo st., san antonio village, makati
tel. nos.: 8978629
admission: P130-P150 with one free beer
you can park on the street if there are no more slots in the lot beside saguijo.

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