Friday, March 23, 2007

make love not war - peace-lovin' outfits

what better way to greet the summer than with a brand new wardrobe? :)

just click your way over to make love not war
to see new stuff you can strut around in this season.

they've got clothes by n. estilo and srg,
twinkle ferraren bikinis,
dollyrocker shirts for both men and women,
one-of-a-kind handpainted shoes,
and summer footwear.

to name a few.

of course, it's always better to just go over to the store yourself:


stephanie said...

Sounds intriguing : ) I always pass Kamagong every Sat after Instituto, pero siyempre ngayon mo lang pinost ang entry na ito... *snicker*

djong said...

well, you can check it out this saturday. :p

pi said...

hey djong!

that shop's right outside ting and wayne's digs. :) small world, eh?

djong said...

hey pi!

yeah, i know! :) haha!