Wednesday, April 18, 2007

more flights to hong kong!

according to this article from inquirer, hong kong airlines will be launching flights to clark starting this friday, april 20.

the perks? they're planning to provide free shuttle services between diosdado macapagal international airport (i just found out that's what the clark airport's called) and manila. though it doesn't eliminate the added inconvenience of a three-hour land trip, at least it does away with the cost of traveling from the airport. free stuff is always welcome, yes? :)

plus, they're also planning to increase the 20kg baggage limit to 30kg! so now we have no excuse to tell our friends and family that we're worried about our baggage limit. on the other hand, it means more stuff we can bring home!

and of course, this means we're more accessible to more tourists. which means more jobs for fellow filipinos.

so all in all, this tidbit is great news!

note: i just checked out hong kong airlines's website. they seem to have no news about their clark flights. hmm... let's wait until april 20.

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