Thursday, April 26, 2007

spindependence 3!

we're doing it again!

this time, spindependence is bigger and hotter! aside from free ribbon clinics, ribbon and fire performances, we're taking zipping to a whole new level!

there will be a fire spinning competition, where the best fire zippers can show us what they're made of. a photo contest is also open to all digital photographers!

the event will be held at the greenbelt 3 open area on friday, april 27 from 5pm to 1030pm. hope to see you there!

photo contest mechanics:
1. Registration time (zips booth) at Greenbelt 3 Park - 5pm-7pm

2. Registration will be on a first-come-first serve basis, until the
slots are all filled

3. There will be two categories - Professional and Hobbyist (10 per category, so 20 participants total)

4. Shooting period (zip/fire performances)- 5-9pm

5. Digital photography only

6. No photo manipulation

7. Two entries per photographer to be downloaded to Planet Zips laptop by cut off time (9pm)

8. Subject must be fire or ribbon performer

9. Once submitted, photo is property of Planet ZIps. But photos will always be credited when used in press releases, websites, posters, etc. with website or contact info of photographer.

10. At least 360 DPI

11. Photographers must bring their own memory card readers and flash drives (MAC compatible)

for more information about planetzips, just visit this site.

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Anonymous said...

Gawrsh, I missed Spindependence na naman! Had a dinner to go to in Makati eh (but even if I didn't, I would've gone not to Greenbelt, but to Metrowalk...). *lol* You knew that, right? *snicker* =Þ -Steph