Thursday, April 12, 2007

viaje del sol: caffe curio

dinner on our second night was in caffe curio, colette's (as in the buko pie) venture into the cafe/restaurant business. this tiny little cafe stands beside colette's main store along the highway in san pablo, laguna.

don't be fooled by its size; this small wonder has quite a great selection of meals and coffee-laced drinks. i had a pretty hard time choosing my meal, because i didn't know which one i should try out. after a few minutes of internal debates, i finally settled on their adobo flakes meal, which was priced at P95.

susie had the beef stroganoff rice bowl at P90, shobe ordered the farmer's ham sandwich for P130, and zane decided on a smoked turkey sandwich for P140. susie treated us to an appetizer of mozzarella sticks with tomato anchovy dip. at P83, we got five cheesy sticks. it tasted pretty good!

while we waited for our meals, we took photos of the place. there's a corner with books, magazines, and some games, and one wall was decorated with a wooden shelf filled with various, well, uhm, curios. :) nice to see that they still dedicated areas for that, given such a small space.

after a few minutes, we settled on a table in the middle of the cafe, and our meals arrived one by one. the beef stroganoff portion seemed just right, the taste is good enough. i was the luckiest, as my adobo flakes came in quite a large portion for just one person. a spoonful confirmed that it wasn't just the size that was great, but the taste, too! the flakes reminded me of those dried beef flakes they sell in shin ton yon foods in binondo.

as for drinks, smoothies didn't seem to be their forte, though i was pretty satisfied with my calamansi smoothie. i think their smoothies are just made with fruit syrup, so for P60 bucks, i'd rather go for their iced tea (P45) or one of their coffee blended drinks. the white mocha cheesecake latte seems intriguing. maybe i'll try that next time.

dinner was short, but satisfying and fun. caffe curio gives off a light, fun vibe that makes sharing meals with friends even more fun.

i have more photos of caffe curio right here.

contact information:
caffe curio
san pablo, laguna
business hours: 6am to 2am

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