Friday, July 13, 2007

alcoy: lunch and a pleasant surprise

we were feeling pretty hungry when we left boljoon, so we asked our driver, kuya celso, if he can recommend a good place to eat in. we weren't expecting anything fancy, but kuya celso surprised us by driving up to this restaurant in the small town of alcoy called triple b. the steep incline to triple b gives you no indication of what's to come.

when you get to the top, you'll be greeted with a clean, charming restaurant-slash-sports bar that mixes native and modern in its design. when we walked through the door, there was a decent bar to the right, and a pool table and a foosball table on the left. further down is the outdoor dining area, which offers a great view of the ocean and the highway beneath.

susie couldn't help marveling at how well the structure was built. the lines of the wooden planks that make up the floor of the terrace were all straight, the cuts clean. the accents were simple and classy. everything was obviously well thought-of, and there were no stray wires or other unsightly things jutting out of anywhere.

we were handed our menus and found that the place was a german restaurant. i decided to go for their italien sausage, while susie opted for the salmon. because the place was so laidback, we also ordered a pitcher of draft beer to celebrate our "discovery" of this niiiiiiice place. our meals were satisfactory. if not for the spice i felt in every bite, i would have pronounced my italien garlic sausage perfect. susie enjoyed his salmon, and we both didn't want to leave the place.

we found out that the place was also a resort, after much exploration. our table had a view of their fan rooms, which also had a balcony that looked out to the ocean. near these bamboo rooms is the pool. since we still didn't have a place to stay in for the night, we inquired about the rates, and found them pretty reasonable. P1,600 for an airconditioned room, and P1349 for a fan room. we asked to see the rooms, and we were accommodated by their friendly staff.

for its price, the fan room is a steal. it has a double bed and a twin bed, a very clean bathroom, and a view of the ocean. if memory serves me right, it also had a television and a safety deposit box. plus, all the fan rooms are closer to the pool.

the airconditioned room is priced fairly. it was built like the fan room, except it only has a queen bed. it's also equipped with a refrigerator full of different drinks. bathroom is similar to the one in the fan room.

all guests are supplied with towels and toiletries. bathrooms have hot and cold showers. televisions aren't powered by cable, though. the bamboo structure on which the tv rests doubles as an open closet and place to put your suitcase and things on. decor was minimal, but appropriate.

we didn't have any complaints about our stay. if we were to go exploring on this side of cebu, we will definitely stay here again. besides, there is much about the town that we still haven't explored. alcoy is known for having the biggest dolomite quarry in the country. it also boasts of stretches of white beach, with tingko beach being one of the most popular.

view more photos of triple b here.

contact information:
triple b (bodo's bamboo bar) hotel and restaurant
location: pasol, alcoy, 6023 cebu you can reach it by riding an oslob-bound bus from the south terminal in cebu city. tel. no.: (032) 4839119 fax no.: (032) 4835522

for more information about the town of alcoy, visit this site.


penumbra_ said...

hi dyong,
we are going to BBB next week. we are excited.
thanks for the additional info found in your blog.

Anonymous said...

BBB is a real deal. will go there next next week ;) thanks for these info and pics.. ;)