Tuesday, July 10, 2007

just a teaser

before i fill this page with a deluge of posts, let me try to summarize the trip.

to start off, it was exhausting. even though the entire stretch from cebu city to oslob was only a three-hour drive, having to explore so many towns can be pretty tiring. but it was worth it, as i got to see some pretty impressive structures.

one of them is pictured on the right. that there is escuela catolica, an old school that stands beside boljoon church, one of the oldest churches in the country. the image just creeps the hell out of me, but i find the whole thing so fascinating. and it has weathered through the times. isn't that amazing?

other great discoveries on this trip include a great car rental place that provides cars with drivers that know their cebu. :D we also got to stay in a superb resort without having to shell out so much. cebu city got us slugging down beer after beer at a newly opened spanish restaurant.

as many places as we've explored, i still don't feel fulfilled. we decided to put off exploring argao for another time, because there was just so much to see, it would be best to just dedicate an entire trip to it. argao boasts of both heritage and nature sights. i had really wanted to check out their rice terraces, but we couldn't squeeze it in the afternoon.

what this means, though, is that next time i'm in cebu, i won't automatically think "gateway to bohol," or "beaches of bantayan!" i now have an alternative travel option, and that's to see a side of cebu that many don't get to tour.

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