Friday, July 6, 2007

gone for four days

will be taking a few days off from work to explore the heritage trail of southeastern cebu. thanks to ivan for giving us the idea. :)

we've decided to rent a car for the first few days so we can enjoy the coastal drive and have time to get off the car and take photos whenever we feel like it. having a local drive us around will get us privy to little-known nooks of each town.

argao will be our headquarters, and we'll be driving down to oslob on our second day to see the church made of coral blocks, then make our way up to boljoon to see its well-known church and also check out escuela catolica, among other things. alcoy is next on our list, which boasts of fine white sand beaches. dalaguete follows soon after, which is considered cebu's vegetable kingdom. if we have time in the afternoon, we'll drive back up to argao and try to peek at the town's very own rice terraces.

our third day will be dedicated to various attractions in argao and carcar, which have their fair share of old churches, old houses, and other interesting structures.

i'm pretty excited about the trip, because the trail hasn't been toured as much, and i'd love to give all of you more information about each town. my niftycam (casio exilim ex-s600) and i are very happy about this trip!

so stay tuned for the much-awaited cebu tour! :) susie planned it pretty well, and we're crossing our fingers for better weather over there!

i've provided a map on the right so you can track down our route. just click on the map to enlarge. (map taken from here.)


miss.adventures said...

hi! since you'll be in carcar anyway, why don't you go the extra mile and head to the white sand beaches of moalboal? it's just a little over an hour's drive from the town famous for its chicharon =)

tutubi said...

this is a trip i also want to do someday...been to carcar and moalboal already :)