Sunday, February 24, 2008

seorabeol grand leisure hotel

susie and i have very little requirements for the hotels or resorts that we stay in. for me, all i ask is a clean bathroom, and i'll be fine.

which explains why we were pretty okay with our night in seorabeol hotel, also known as grand leisure hotel.

had we been nitpickers, we would have complained about the fact that only one bedside lamp was working, and that the air-conditioner was dripping.

but we were more than happy to have a bed to sleep in after our tiring day in pinatubo. seorabeol hotel gave us a big enough bed, air-conditioning, cable TV, and a clean bathroom with hot water and a hair dryer.

but what we were extremely happy about in seorabeol hotel was breakfast. for P2,800.00, we got a room that's good enough, and buffet breakfast that served great morning food--corned beef, longganisa, french toast, scrambled eggs, garlic fried rice, and best of all, POTATOES!

more photos of seorabeol hotel here.

contact details
seorabeol hotel (grand leisure hotel)
address: Lot MC-9 Waterfront Road Subic Bay, Freeport Zone
tel. nos.: (047) 252-2765; (047) 252-2766
mobile no.: 09178361955; 09285022253
fax no.: (047)252-2764

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