Sunday, February 24, 2008

spa treatments at pinatubo development corp.

aside from the pinatubo trek, i was really looking forward to getting a good kneading at the pinatubo spa town. everything i've read about it suggested that the treatments were great, and what better way to end a tiring trek than with spa treatments at the foot of the mountain?

let's start with the pinatubo spa facilities. the locker and shower areas were definitely below average. locker doors wouldn't close properly, the shower area looked filthy, and even the locks on the doors to the toilets wouldn't work. the clothes provided for guests to wear during pinatubo spa treatments were lousy--a huge white shirt and baggy khaki pants that reached three inches past my knee. ton ton massage outfits were definitely better.

the food was so-so. i expected to be served really healthy food, it being a spa after all. but everything we ate was greasy--chicken adobo, oily pancit, and fried vegetables. the only thing i enjoyed was the banana. if they weren't going to serve healthy food, they should have at least prepared it well. it was definitely not a meal fit for trekkers who just conquered pinatubo.

the only thing worth trying in this pinatubo spa is the volcanic ash spa treatment. here, you're buried in volcanic ash for i don't know how long (i fell asleep), with a furnace heating you from below. i didn't feel much heat, but being buried in ash was sure relaxing.

i had been looking forward to the mud bath, but had to beg off as the mud was freezing cold. after covering you in mud, you will have to sit in the mud tub, in the open, while the cold breeze was blowing you to a freezing death. if only they had a room where you could go and hide while the mud dried on you.

the pina-thai-tsu massage was only so-so. in some areas, it even hurt, and i am one who likes a good, hard massage. susie actually told me, after the whole sordid affair, that he was trying to keep from screaming. poor guy.

but what grated me so much was all the chattering that went on during our massage. we were massaged in an open pavilion, quite close to the road. i didn't mind the videoke-ing neighbors, nor the loud sounds of cars and trucks rumbling past, but i did mind that other therapists would just walk around the pavilion and even talked loudly while we were getting our rub-downs. i wasn't able to relax at all.

so, unless they change their quality of service, i am not recommending you go to this place. just get a massage from one of the places here in the city. i'll still be providing their contact info, should you want to book a direct pinatubo tour with them. just please, don't book spa treatments anymore.

more photos of the pinatubo spa here.

contact information
pinatubo development corporation
mobile no.: 09186611415 (mr. jhun); 09287813556 (ms. jovi); 09203410402
fax no.: (045) 6150454

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