Friday, February 13, 2009

hong kong excitement

it's less than a week before i leave for hong kong, probably my favoritest city in the world. it's my second time to spend my birthday season there, and i'm hoping that i get to see new places this time.

but i want this hong kong trip to be more relaxing than the last. that, however, hasn't stopped me from trying to figure out every last detail on how to get from one point to the next. this is my first time staying in the western district, and i want to know how to get around before i get there.

that's where the loveliness of the internet comes in. a simple google search of "western district, hong kong" has yielded a very useful map of hong kong central and the western district. i've been zooming in and out of the map, scrolling left and right, looking for the places i want to go to.

i was also really happy when i found out that we get a chance to use the hong kong tram, since our part of western district is too far west that the MTR doesn't even reach there. the hong kong tram is a much cheaper alternative, costing just HKD 2 per ride, no matter where you get off. you can check out the hong kong tram route map to see where it can take you. speed, of course, is a problem, but since i'm not in a hurry, then it's a nice, leisurely, and cheap way to see hong kong. :)

counting down the days before i gotta go! to hong kong! :D

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