Sunday, February 1, 2009

i've got tickets!

wow, 2009 is promising to be an entertaining year, with me having tickets to different shows left and right. i just got tickets to the ccp dance gala for friday, and i'm watching videos of jeremy clarkson et al to get ready for top gear live in hong kong.

last week, i also got to watch keo woolford's i-land. it was entertaining, but nothing memorable. what i won't forget, though, is his body--completely devoid of fat! all muscle, and his hula moves were pretty smooth.

anyway, going back to my tickets. i'm pretty psyched to see the dance gala. i haven't seen a dance show in a while, the last was when i was in college, i believe. the show is entitled turning... turning 40, and i'll get to see performances by ballet philippines, philippine ballet theater, ballet manila, and the ramon obusan folkloric group.

now as for top gear live, this is mostly due to susie and ger, who are so excited to watch top gear live in HK. susie's pretty lucky our trip coincided with the show dates. it's a good thing there's a buy two, free one promo, so i'll be taking the free ticket while they both ooh and aah at the HKCEC. to be fair to them, i am loving the show; at least the ones i've watched on the top gear website, so far.

february just started, and i'm already off to see two more shows! i'm really excited for the ccp dance gala, but will keep an open mind for the testosterone-y treat that is top gear live! :D

photo taken by g!

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Zane said...

syet top gear. sarap naman!