Tuesday, February 24, 2009

leaving for hong kong

after spending a very "normal" birthday, i wake up the next day all excited about my hong kong trip. i got up at around 5am, plenty of time to get to NAIA terminal 3 at 6, just two hours before our flight.

unlike the last time, the whole check-in procedure went well this time, since we already knew where the travel tax counters were. and because we were there at such an early hour, we didn't have to wait long. we checked in, paid the terminal fee, then went through immigration.

more restaurants can now be found in the pre-departure area, and i almost bought myself a jamaican beef pattie until i saw that one beef original cost P60. so i just settled for miso soup at the japanese stall, which went for just P35.

flight left a few minutes late, and i found more interesting cebu pacific merchandise, most especially the little coin purses. i wanted to get the HKG one, but they only had the orange CEB. maybe next time. i wasn't even interested in joining the contest this time--didn't like the prize.

we encountered some turbulence during the flight, just as i was on the toilet peeing. it's no fun when you hear the pilot declare that the fasten seatbelt sign is on and that no one should attempt to go to the lavatories, while you try to keep yourself from falling off the best seat in the house.

but we got to hong kong safe and sound, with me getting more and more excited as i take a whiff of the sweet hong kong international airport air. immigration lines were long, but i felt like jumping already. at baggage claim, i was amused to find that they neatly lined up our luggage, all orderly-like.

we located an atm, got our HKDs, and tried to figure out where the buses were. i suddenly found myself in a bad mood, which meant that i was hungry. so we stopped by cafe de coral, where i ate noodles with mushroom, and all was well again with the world. it took us a while to figure out where the buses to the city were, but we figured it out.

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