Monday, June 25, 2007

few and far between

that's how my entries have been for the past month, and i've been feeling guilty and disappointed for that, actually. despite my having installed a counter here in my site (it's invisible, so don't try to search for it), i still cannot make a good estimate as to how many of you out there are actually reading the stuff i put up here. i really should study the statistics and what they indicate.

anyway, i apologize for my scarce appearance here these days. i'm trying to make up for it by writing about travel news that i find interesting, but you guys can read them elsewhere online, which means i'm just echoing the words somebody has already written.

i really find it sad that just when i told myself i'd commit to traveling and to actually try to document and share my travel experiences, that's when i started having less time to actually do some trawling around the real world.

y'see, in order for me to travel, i will need funds. traveling is a very expensive drug, not to mention very demanding. aside from the costs, it requires planning and commitment. i make it sound so high maintenance, but after all the trouble, everything's worthwhile, actually. as i was saying, to travel, moolah is needed. so i took on more work to actually get myself some moolah so i can travel more. what i didn't count on was my body actually giving in to the pressures of having more things to worry about.

and because of that, i now have less time to plan my trips--both real and imagined. i try to squeeze in a little internet travel every now and then, but i just have less time now.

so bear with me as i try to get myself back up on the traveling horse. my body is starting to get accustomed to less sleep and more stress, which means i can do more things in the wee hours of the morning instead of just walking around in sandman's realm. plus, i'm also rediscovering the power of multivitamins.

so stay tuned. there will definitely be more trips to come. for my own sanity and your enjoyment.

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