Wednesday, June 6, 2007

how lonely planet began

nope, i'm not going to narrate the story here, but i will tell you where you can read about lonely planet's beginnings.

the instigators of the famous travel guides, maureen and tony wheeler, got started by backpacking across asia, and from there, lonely planet was born.

and now, they've finally decided to tell the whole story of lonely planet's humble beginnings. unlikely destinations: the lonely planet story has just been released by lonely planet, and it will tell you all about the wheelers' story, how they got started with the lonely planet series, and maybe even give you a few insights and tips that you can put to the test on your next trip.

i have yet to confirm if the book is available here, but it's out in the US for $16.95 by tuttle publishing. can't wait to get my hands on it! :D


Jenny said...

hi! yes, it's available here. actually i just bought my copy a few months back, hehe. ;) although it's titled a little differently – the lonely planet story (wlang unlikely destinations). reprint cguro or something, but i think it tells the sme thing. =)

Zane said...

it's here. saw it dati sa travel section ng powerbooks :) tony wheeler rocks :D