Wednesday, June 6, 2007

i'm back!

it has been such a hectic two weeks, and i'm quite disappointed with myself for not being able to update this blog.

i went back to zambales a couple of weeks back, and even with the rain, i had a blast firedancing on the beach. i hadn't done that in a while, and it's always good to know i can still do it. hehe.

and good news: there are a lot of things coming up, and i'll be writing about them in a bit. :)
please bear with me as i flood this site with goodies and travel updates.

and there's a long weekend coming up. where are you guys gonna be? :D


Anonymous said...

hi! nice pic. id like to learn how to firedance too. you know where i can.. er, study? btw, can i post that pic on my yahoo 360 (with credits to you of course)? ganda e =D thanks! i'm going to zambales this holiday weekend. can you suggest a good place?

djong said...

hey anonymous. :) you can learn to zip from planetzips. first, you'll start with ribbons, and when you're more comfortable with the moves, you can try spinning fire. just check their website:

maribelle said...

hi! cuz

your firedance photo is awesome!