Tuesday, November 13, 2007

off to singapore!

in two days, i'll be flying off to singapore to explore the tiny, bubble gum-free island. i'll be traveling on a very tiny budget, which means mostly hawker centre fare and long walks. i'll also be visiting quite a number of museums. the night safari and sentosa attractions will be left for another visit. :)

i can't wait to see what singapura has in store for me. i'll mostly be by myself for the first two days of my trip, leaving me to drink everything in and be all touristy. the weekend will be spent with friends who work over there.

from my research, singapore has quite a number of parks, and i will surely enjoy my time there. they have rollerblades for rent, too, which is getting me all excited for the trip!

here's hoping i get home safely, even with a tiny amount of moolah in my pocket. :)

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kegler747 said...

Hope u enjoy you're stay in my favorite city :)