Saturday, November 24, 2007

still in singapore: two museums and a river

after finishing my refreshing karkade from altazzag along haji lane, i got up and walked along north bridge road to look for the bugis mrt station. my next stop: the singapore art museum. before i finally got there, though, i just had to cross the street and mistake a simple underpass for the mrt station. there was a man sitting by the stairs of the underpass who saw me go down the escalator. he greeted me again when i was making my way up: "mrt? over there," he said, pointing to another direction.

i thanked him and made my way to the direction he pointed. crossed a parking lot, and saw the bugis station. i got off at city hall station, and followed the exit that said singapore art museum. i was expecting the museum to greet me when i step out, but i actually had to walk a little more to get there.

on the way, i passed chijmes and took a few photos. and then i reached it. singapore art museum. and i was lucky to catch their lunchtime promotion--free entrance every friday from 12nn to 2pm. what's more, i also got to go on a free guided tour at 2pm, with varuni, a friend of the museum.

we started with a history of the museum. turns out it was a lasallian school as well (lasallians reprezent!), which was turned into a hospital during the war, and then was reverted back to a school. today, it holds galleries of paintings and other exhibits. varuni then moved on to the pieces of the museum's personal collections. we touched on chinese art, modern abstract paintings, filipino sculptures, and some works by affandi, whose works were on the display in the museum at the time.

i swear by these guided tours, because it really helps a lot if a painting is explained to you. you know more about the motives of the artist and the background of the piece. took a few photos around the museum after that, then walked along and took the mrt to orchard to do some necessary shopping.

i was asked by the folks to buy some stuff, and fortunately, i found the ones on the list. i stopped by mos burger to have a late lunch, then headed off to the river to have some quiet time.

by the river, i met philippe, a french comedian who was out exploring asia for four weeks. he asked me to take his picture, and we talked for a bit til he had to leave for his flight. that's one of the things i love about traveling alone. you never know who you're gonna meet.

after taking some more photos by the river, i decided to tackle the ancient civilisations museum, which was standing by the river. it's a pity i didn't have much time to explore it, the stuff on display are really interesting. i learned about the history of the river, and some ancient information on southeast asian countries as well. i met drew, an australian backpacker, while trying to figure out the interactive gizmos they have there. i vow to go back and finish out all the exhibits.

and after that, we were off to have dinner at newton. my first hawker centre meal! stay tuned for photos of the feast we had.

more photos of singapore art museum, asian civilisations museum, and the river here.

museum information:
singapore art museum
opening hours: 10am to 7pm, 10am to 9pm on fridays

admission: sgd 8.00

address: 71 bras basah road

nearest mrt station: city hall

asian civilisations museum

opening hours: mondays: 1pm to 7pm; tues-sun: 9am to 7pm; fri: 9am to 9pm
admission: sgd 10.00
address: 1 empress place
nearest mrt station: raffles place

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