Saturday, November 24, 2007

a feast at newton

before flying off to singapore, i swore to myself that i would eat nothing but hawker fare. unfortunately, my stomach wasn't very cooperative; it wouldn't go hungry at the right moment, and i always had to just make do with whatever's there rather than seeking out a hawker centre for my meals.

but pats made my dream come true by bring me to newton circus hawker centre. the place reminds me of that activity center in blue wave, only it's larger, and with more food options. we were joined by aslinda, pon, stina (pon's friend who flew in from bangkok), chrissy, and chester.

i was surprised by the feast that we had. they ordered crispy squid, cereal prawns, stingray, kang kong, and some satay. the servings were huge, and we all had a hard time finishing it all. i also fell in love with their cold rose tea, even though it was pink.

of the dishes, my favorite was the crispy squid, which i just couldn't stop munching on. i was also enamored by the cereal prawns. the prawns were gigantic, and the crunchy oatmeal that covered it didn't help the stomach any. the meal was very filling, and i wish i had more space in my tummy for more.

this set the mood for a night of talking and semi-drinking over at emerald hill, possibly the only place in singapore where people are allowed to litter. emerald hill serves complimentary peanuts to everyone, and you can throw your peanut peelings on the floor. it was such a shock to enter an establishment with a floor covered with peanut shells. we had a blast having peanut shell fights while catching up on goings on in manila and singapore.

we called it a night (or a morning) at 4am, after having yet another meal at a hong kong cafe called xin wang in cathay. we ordered milo dinosaurs and a meal that i can't remember. it was a blast staying out late with friends i haven't seen for a long time. and it was really great to see that they're all enjoying their lives despite being away from us manila folk. maybe i should go out there and join them. hmm?

more photos of newton hawker centre, emerald hill drinking, and what-not here.

newton food centre
along clemenceau avenue north
nearest mrt station: newton

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