Monday, November 19, 2007

singapore: not enough time

not enough time indeed. that was the prevailing theme of every single day of my singapore trip. i admit, i highly underestimated the country. everyone kept telling me how tiny it is, so i assumed i had time to go around and see a little bit of everything.

boy, was i so wrong. as tiny as they say it is, singapore offers a whole lot, and you really have to stay for a long time if you want to see them all. another setback was that commuting, as efficient as it is, still takes up a lot of time. on the upside, the place is spotless, the sights are interesting, and the people are so so so friendly!

but what really made my singapore trip so much fun was the fact that i got to see my friends again! it was so great to see them all doing so well out there. they also showed me around and had me experience stuff that other tourists wouldn't get to try out. they are the bestest. :)

i'll be writing about the entire trip soon. stay tuned.

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