Thursday, October 2, 2008

crazy for outside

i finally got my hands on a copy of outside magazine, more famously known to me as "the magazine that tim cahill wrote for." (thanks, booksale!) the march 2008 issue tackles the growing "green" awareness, with features on the greenest accommodation options in the world (one even had copies of the inconvenient truth in their room drawers, next to the bible), and other related articles.

they had some statistics about the carbon footprint and offsetting scheme, of which i am not a fan (if i remember correctly, 70% of outside readers agree with me). i believe the way to effect change is to change, to stop being wasteful, not to continue being wasteful as long as you buy your way out of it by buying carbon credits and having trees planted in kenya. camaaan. let's not make this too easy for ourselves. we're the ones who're going to benefit in these changes anyway, so why not just do your part?

here's an editorial on global warming, published in the same issue: it's not getting any colder by bill mckibben.

ANYWAY. this is getting me riled up. back to outside.

i'm pretty much enjoying the entire issue, trying to read it as slowly as i can until i get lucky again and fish out another version in the booksale bins. i particularly liked the article that says it's okay to eat meat, and how to convert vegetarians into the carnivorous lifestyle. it's a hoot, i love the jab, and the article makes sense, too.

outside writers are pretty upfront, which i really appreciate. it's very refreshing to read a travel magazine that isn't all gloss and glamour and elegance and romance, that doesn't only say good things.

i'm also thinking of purchasing the digital version of outside. :D pretty cheap at just P800/year. and i get to save on paper, too!

for the meantime, i'm going to satiate my outside hunger with the best of outside, bought from avalon. i'm hoping it'll tide me over until the next digital issue arrives.

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