Friday, October 31, 2008

so, did you win?

before you find out, i want to thank everybody who joined i gotta go!'s first ever blog contest. :) because of its success, i'm already trying to think up of the next prize. :)

no results for now, let me keep you in suspense for a little bit. consider it a halloween treat from me. :)

let me first confirm the correct answers.

the question goes:

John Silva's tour of the National Museum takes you
on a journey through Philippine art and history.
Based on this article, name three Filipino artists
whose works are on display at the museum.
and the answers are any three of the following artists:

of the 46 people who commented (i included the ones in the post right below the contest, and one comment from the comment box on the right), 43 people made it to the cut.

here's a list of the people who are qualified to win 2 passes for the national museum tour:
1. che bello
2. archie
3. the showroom manager
4. jasper espinosa
5. bru
6. pi
7. her traverse is perverse
8. tish
9. nikko
11. azrael
12. schizoprano
13. jengkie
14. eric
15. kat
16. mitch mauricio
17. zaidbralian
18. mon
19. john paul abellera
20. cheech
23. anne margaux
24. mildred
25. waltzang
26. kermin
27. klaris
28. tiff
29. reggie reginaldo
30. adventures of the instant landlady
31. leo
32. tez
33. gpsuanes
34. jennifaye
35. dave
36. bhabes
37. liza
38. mel =)
39. ar-wee-der-yet
40. sarah espina
41. sheila noreen l. gamo
42. nico robin
43. the kicking pinoy

if you think you should be part of the list, you can leave a comment here before 1230pm. :)

good luck, and check back here later to find out if you won!

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