Wednesday, October 1, 2008

so, how was the binondo luggage sale?

well, my friend rica had a blast when she went to the luggage sale. however, i wasn't so lucky.

too bad, i was pretty excited about it, too. on the jeep to binondo from t.m. kalaw, i was already contemplating on the different ways i could go home with a huge maleta in tow.

alas, i wasn't meant to lug anything home, because i didn't find anything that i particularly liked. that's when i realized that i was still madly in love with the brown and white pinstriped elle trolley that i had been eyeing for... about a year now (i'm hoping nobody's been to the landmark's luggage section lately. please, leave that one for me!).

but the sale was pretty good for people in search of outdoor stuff. there were backpacks, cargo pants, shoes, sandals, and even shirts and other travel accessories. i didn't get anything because i didn't need anything from there but a maleta. and having a depleted wallet sure helps keep you in check. :D

i at least got to go around divisoria after that, looking at the latest christmas gift wrap designs, cheap kiddie toys, and even cheaper plain shirts for everyone. i thought of looking for some food, but i wasn't even that hungry, either. so i boarded a jeep bound for buendia and just headed home.

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