Friday, October 31, 2008

we have a winner!

actually, two winners. :) since the first ever i gotta go! blog contest was very well-received, i thought i'd splurge a little and sponsor 4 tickets for 2 winners.

unfortunately, though, the promised video cannot be posted. as it turns out, my camera's focusing capabilities are not world-class, and it won't clearly show the name of the winner that i drew from the mug (i couldn't find a hat).

but here are some photos before and after the draw:

all 43 names of qualified contestants

folded and placed in the mug

and the winners are...

congratulations to mitch mauricio and mel for winning two passes each for john silva's national museum tour! :)

i'll be contacting you within the day to give you your passes, which are valid for tours this november. i hope you enjoy the tour as much as i did. and to those whose names weren't drawn, i hope you guys will take the time to go and visit the museum, maybe take the tour just the same. :D

hosting contests is fun, and i'll probably do it again, so check back here every now and then to see what i'll be giving away!

thanks again, everyone!

i gotta go!


sarah espina said...

congrats, mitch! take me! take me!

mitch mauricio said...

yehehey! :D

*sabi ko na nagwork yung video na suhol ko e! hahaha! :D