Tuesday, November 18, 2008

back in manila

my apologies for not posting as much when i got to bangkok. that was a really tiring city, and i would often doze off when i got back to the hostel.

but the good news is that i'm starting to upload the photos over at my multiply. i'm trying to align my posts with the albums, to make things easier for everyone. :)

for the moment, these are the albums ready for viewing:

from bangkok to siem reap
in which i show you the road conditions of thailand and cambodia.

the villa siem reap
where you can see just how fancy our digs were in siem reap.
this is one big WIN. but wait for my review! :)

introducing siem reap
what we saw on the first day.

angkor wat
need i say more?

angkor thom
the equally majestic capital of king jayavarman VII

will post more as i upload the photos. and do check back soon for the articles. :)

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