Monday, November 3, 2008

oh no!

i'm sick! and four days before my trip!

thankfully, it's not something debilitating, like the flu that susie got when we went to singapore, but this one's really irritating. i'm sneezing and going through packs of tissue voraciously. i thought this cold would be gone after the weekend, but it's gotten worse!

i just came from the pharmacy, got myself decolgen, vitamin c capsules, and even multivitamins. i have four days to get better. getting sick on the road is not my idea of fun.


carlo said...

oh no! get well. don't forget you gotta go! hehe...btw i have a travelfish siem reap pdf guide if you want. just e-mail me. all the best :-)

Super Charma said...

For someone who's not so fond of medicines, you've had quite a lot. My magic trick for you is Bio-Flu. I swear to the nonmoving hot-air balloon in Angkor Wat that it works super effectively.

Take it as if you really have fever, though, like every 4 hours. YOU HAVE TO GET BETTER SOON!

Demanding ba? I'm just really excited for you ;)

i gotta go! said...

carlo: haha! i really have to go, i can't be sick!

super charma: i know, i know! bibili na ko ng bio flu mamaya. :p

Ar-wee-der-yet said...

Have a safe trip to Siem Reap! I will go there next year via KL (thanks for the promo of Malaysia Airlines) so I will definitely wait for your future posts about Cambodia.