Friday, November 7, 2008

pack it in!

just a post before i fly off tonight to bangkok. :) oh, and i was able to get better, thanks to positive thinking and a lot of medicine. still have a little cold, but it's not as bad anymore.

now on to the real purpose of this post. last night, i had to repack my things to better fit my suitcase. packing for 9 days is tough, but i managed to make my suitcase look stable.

this morning, i was surfing through the matador network, and found this entertaining video, how to pack as much as you want into your carry-on bag. it's always been a dream of mine to travel with just my carry-on, but my toiletries always get in the way. maybe when i develop a detachment to my very spartan range of toiletries brands, i can finally do that.

but for those of you who are up to the challenge, take a look at this:

How to take as much as you like in your hand luggage from Matador Network on Vimeo.

a little bit funny, but you can actually use some of his advice.


Benny Lewis said...

Thanks for linking to my video!! It's good to know that as well as what you see there, I stuff some plastic bags into my pockets so that after going through the annoyance of emptying everything at security (and getting grumbles from people behind me), I just throw them into the bags instead of packing them again ;) And NO, nobody has ever stopped me do this. Airport security don't care about how much you have, just what you have, and as you're getting on the plane they just think you went crazy with duty free shopping. Amazing little loophole in the system - hopefully spreading the video won't make the airports wise to my antics :P

But the way I get around the toiletries issue is to make sure that if I have expensive bathroom items or medication, I buy the less-than 100ml containers (if you look carefully you can see just about see cologne and a small contact-lens solution bottle on the bed for example), since you can usually bring up to ten of these. For everything else, you learn to buy the cheapest shampoos etc. in small shops not in touristy areas once you arrive. If you're really on a budget then you learn to sweet talk those at your hostel or your Couchsurfing hosts to lending you some toothpaste etc.
To see more of my videos check out my multilingual video blog. Hope your health gets better quickly! Have a safe trip :)

tutubi said...

it's so wasy for a man, don't know for a woman. at least i can travel light and avoid excess baggage charges :P